Detox Scrub 'Matcha' 200g SALE
Detox Scrub 'Matcha' 200g SALE

Detox Scrub 'Matcha' 200g SALE

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200g Detox Scrub 'Matcha'
Our Detox Clay Mask contains Matcha, Lemongrass, Oats, Australian Bentonite Clay and Organic Raw Sugar.
Skin Benefits:
Matcha is rich in antioxidants, which help fight against free radicals in the body, the steam gives your skin a direct shot of these antioxidants. Also, it soothes irritated skin and its anti-ageing properties prevent wrinkles, fine lines and other skin diseases.
Lemongrass is an effective cleanser for all skin types; its antiseptic and astringent properties make lemongrass oil perfect for getting even and glowing skin.
Bentonite Clay is a natural Detox and anti-inflammatory. Helps against acne, dermatitis and eczema. Absorbs excess oil, clears dirt and pollution out of clogged pores.
Oats soothes irritated skin. It remove dirt from pores and are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. Oatmeal is also very moisturising due to the high level of fat found in it.
Sugar draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you apply products with sugar or sugar derivatives, they’ll actually help hydrate your skin and keep moisture within. It also encourages cell turnover and generates fresher, younger-looking skin.
Instructions: Place 1-2 Teaspoons into bowl. Add 1-2 Teaspoons of Water or Yoghurt and mix. Apply to face and leave on skin for 10-20 minutes.